What we do

For golf enthusiasts, we have created a vacation that was not there yet. An experience that combines golf with the wonders of the beautiful country to make your stay memorable.

Why we do it

To meet all the needs of golfers and their partners, who are not satisfied of any field in any location. For those who, in addition to the sport, want to enjoy all the opportunities of a vacation in Italy. We take care of the organization by satisfying your tastes and passions. We create packages based on your needs. All our proposals are the result of impeccable organizational skills and a deep and direct knowledge of the territory.

Golf and… Italy

Your field is golf. This is why we have carefully chosen the fields of the most exclusive locations in Italy. To allow you to enjoy your favourite sport, but also to dedicate yourself to exclusive courses. Our field is Italy. Our proposals are the result of a careful selection of tour operators and accommodation facilities in the area.

What we propose

We looked for unique destinations and suggestive itineraries to give voice to your passions (in addition to golf, of course): tastings in sought-after cellars, food and wine tours, boat trips, wellness programs, guided tours of the most famous Italian cities. To make you fully experience the most fascinating corners of our country. We tested them for you: we entered the best wineries, we tasted starred menus and visited the most characteristic restaurants in the area. We got on the boat to admire the view. We relaxed in saunas and wellness centres. We walked together with the guides to verify their real ability to tell and translate our touristic wonders. And of course, we have tried all the golf courses on offer.

How we work

Each travel proposal is born from your desires. After a morning on the golf courses, what experiences are you up to? Express your preferences and we transform them into a tailor-made holiday. We will formulate a totally customized proposal. Thanks to the direct knowledge of the places, the seasonal peculiarities of the territory and all our operators and partners, we offer you a package studied in detail, tailored, leaving nothing to chance. Once in Italy, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll take care of booking golf courses, tourist guides, finding transportation, checking restaurants and wellness centres. Upon your arrival, everything will have already been prepared according to your requests. Your only commitment will be to enjoy the pure and simple pleasure of a holiday.