About Me

Alberto Manfredini

Ceo & Founder

Hole in One Italy comes from me, from my passions and from the work I chose since I was a boy. I am Alberto Manfredini and my life has always revolved around the world of travel.

My studies in the tourism sector led me, very young, to work in prestigious hotels and in tour operators. Obviously, I have travelled a lot and discovered, with real experience, how many wonders the world can reserve for us. Just the way I am. It’s my nature. I love being in contact with people, getting to know new paths and testing myself.

After trips and experiences, I returned to Garda Lake, birthplace and starting point of all my explorations. I began to look at it differently and, hand in hand with my desire to always offer true advice and first-hand experiences to tourists who frequented the hotel where I worked, I developed the urgency to create something of my own, that could offer a holiday alternative that didn’t exist yet.

Then, through family meetings, I discovered Golf and fell in love with it. Thus, Hole in One Italy was born. A holiday idea that revolves around Golf but also around the places I know well and love. To offer a different, tailor-made holiday; an experience full of ideas, all born from the research of the best offers that I personally took care of, in every detail.